Antonia of Bayle
Race Human
Occupation Queen of the Northlands
Status Deceased
Home Bayle
Affiliation Antonica
Family Many descendants

Antonia of Bayle was the first queen of Antonica and ruler of all human civilisation during the Age of Ascension. It is possible that the kingdom she established was named after her, or one of her descendants.[1]


Originally born in the village of Bayle, Antonia was a warrior woman of the northern clans who became renowned for her fierceness in battle. She conquered her rivals and united the clans into a fledgling kingdom, declaring Bayle its capital.[1]


Bayle was but the first in a long line of rulers of the northlands, transforming Bayle into a hub of human civilization. Though the fortunes of the Bayle family would rise and fall over the ages, the legends of the first queen continued to endure among the northerners. Songs are sung to her in the halls of Halas even to this day, and her descendants are proud to carry on the family name.[1]


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