This article is about the continent that separated from Antonica during the Ashfall.  For other uses, see Amaril (disambiguation).

Amaril was a continent that was separated from Antonica by the ley line explosion that took place during the Ashfall.[1]  Prior to this event, the entire continent was known as Amaril; afterwards, only the separated landmass retained the name.[2]


Antonica (West) and Amaril (East)



Once home to the mighty city of Takish'Hiz, heart of the Takish Empire, the Ashfang is now a deserted wasteland, utterly ruined by its merging with Akashidak.  


A Combine stronghold, Bastion was where the allied races of Amaril made their final stand before fleeing to Kunark. It fell at the end of the Dragon War. Bastion was located on the west coast of Amaril, as the southwestern gate of the fortress faced the ocean.[3]

Greenblood RiverEdit

Greenblood River is a river that runs across Feerrott Forest and through the ruins of Quin'Sari. The river flows from the northeast to the southwest of the ruins.[4]

Myris'Hul Edit

Myris'Hul is an Elven town north of Bastion. Lady Orprest D'Ferren used to be mayor of this town, until she was killed by Ithiosar.[5]

Sundered StraitEdit

The Sundered Strait is the large channel which divides the former continent, separating Amaril on the East from Antonica to the West.[6]


Takish'Hiz used to be the capitol of the Takish Empire. It was destroyed by the Ashfall, which transformed the city and the surrounding area into what is now known as Ashfang.[7] The city was located south of Lavastorm. [8]

Timorous DeepEdit

The Timorous Deep is the ocean south of Amaril which separates the main continent from Kunark.[9]

Trialith ValleyEdit

The Trialith Valley is located between the Serpent's Spine Mountains and the fortress of Bastion.[10]


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