The Age of Rebirth took place in the Lost Era within which the earliest dal kingdom was founded. New races were emerging, the elves among them. It was a dangerous age, for much darkness still lurked upon and below the surface of Norrath.

In such desperate times, heroes began to arise among the races. For the dal, these heroes would be the founders of some of their most ancient and noble houses, names like Thex, D'Vinn, Orprest, Tah'Re, Ondel, and others. At times these nobles competed against one another for standing or resources, and other times they formed alliances and worked together toward a common cause. Lesser houses pledged their fealty to the greater houses.

As they encountered other races and faced certain well-organized threats, it became apparent that the elves needed a greater sense of unity. It was decided that a ruler would be chosen from among the great houses. Though many had viable claims to the throne, through various maneuverings and negotiations (some of which would leave lingering hard feelings among those passed over), it was decided that the Thex had the strongest claim. The seat of House Thex, a keep they called Neriak, became the capital of the unified kingdom known as Amaril.[1]

References Edit

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