Adelia Arcose was a kerran seer during the beginning of the Age of Exile. She, along with three of her Teir'Dal students, founded the Ashen Order to help those by giving them the means to help themselves and therefor teaching them the ways and the methods of the monk[1].

As an infant, she was traveling with her parents aboard a ship when it was sunk by a storm off the coast of the Desert of Ro. Miraculously, the baby washed up on the shore and a human family from Sagara took her in and raised her. Not knowing any kerran traditions themselves, they named the child as one of their own. Adelia grew up quite content, but always felt a calling to a spiritual path.

As an adult, Adelia made the long trek to the Kerra Isles. She was embraced by her people and immersed herself in kerran culture, studying shamanism for many years. But grateful as she was for the acceptance given by those around her, the islands weren't her home. She returned to Sagara and humbly served the villagers she had grown up with, becoming renowned throughout the region for her wisdom and compassion.[2]

Ashen Order Edit

She taught three former Teir'Dal the ways of the monk and the many lessons and teachings that come with this knowledge. They founded their school atop the Ash Peak mountain where, on her deathbed, they buried her there. After her burial a spring broke from where she was rest and gave life and water to those at the school upon the peak without which the school could not thrive.

Appearance Edit

She had sandy brown fur, fingers gnarled like knotted driftwood. Dark gray stripes covering her neck and face and the scruffy white fur around her mouth clearly marking her age.[3].

Abilities Edit

Along with her abilities as a Seer and a Monk she is seen by the two siblings Qora and Koan Gamysh and teleports them from the outskirts of Ojin to Ash Peak. It is little known what exactly the powers she has and how she was able to use them past her death. Whether it was her spirit or actually her is unknown.

References Edit

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