(DEOZ) Delta Ozaukee
Leader Sniperincoming
Region Midwest,USA
Focus Crafting, Building, PVE
Style Social, multi-gaming community, Fun, Mature players
Server TBD
Language English

(DEOZ) Delta Ozaukee is an EverQuest Next guild and multi-gaming community

Welcome to Delta Ozaukee! Edit

Here you will find only the best PC Gaming has to offer. Delta Ozaukee is the premiere gaming clan. If you are here that means only one thing; you are considering joining the best and leaving the rest in the dust.

The name Delta Ozaukee comes from 2 separate places. Delta, from the Delta squad is an elite arm of the US armed forces and as such we embody all their best qualities and Ozaukee which come from the county in Wisconsin where our clan was born.

Delta Ozaukee is a highly motivated dedicated group of individuals such as yourself that want to crush the enemy in a fun, respectful, but over all bad mofrackin way. We take no prisoners and we take no grief. most of all emulate our slogan we. . . “Live and die DEOZ”

Joining the guildEdit

Step 1) Join our Teamspeak 3, then ask a DEOZ representative for assistance.
Step 2) Visit and join our forums. Be sure to check calendar for events!
Step 3) have fun and have a great time!

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